Bidadari Island 30 Minutes only from Jakarta, this island is has a lot of historical also is the biggest island among the other island for resort. Castle, floating cottage, fishing pier, place for out bond, dolphin arena are several facilities that Bidadari Island offering for the guests, beside those they also has rental for sea sport like jet ski, banana boat, canoe etc. If you like make your memorable place for photo shoot, Bidadari also known as Pre-wedding photo shoot. You also can arrange for meeting in this island or any other occasion. So why not to choose this island with a lot of facilities that they have.



ONE DAY TOUR : Rp.400.000,- / pax
Include : Boat Return, Welcome Drink, Lunch , Banan Boat , Fun With Dolpin , Bicycle , Three Cruiser Island , Insurance ,Tax & Service 21%
Stay Over Night FULL BOARD PACKAGE / price per pax ( person )
 Type of Cottage         Weekday       Add. Night            Weekend          Add.Night
Deluxe  (2 Pax)  Rp. 1.020.000,-/pax  Rp.   920.000,-/pax  Rp. 1.275.000,-/pax  Rp. 1.175.000,-/pax
Deluxe  (4 Pax)  Rp.    865.000,-/pax  Rp.   765.000,-/pax  Rp. 1.085.000,-/pax  Rp.    985.000,-/pax
Family  (2 Pax)  Rp. 1.255.000,-/pax   Rp. 1.155.000,-/pax  Rp. 1.570.000,-/pax  Rp. 1.470.000,-/pax
Family  (4 Pax)  Rp.    950.000,-/pax  Rp.   850.000,-/pax  Rp. 1.265.000,-/pax  Rp. 1.165.000,-/pax
Suite     (2 Pax)  Rp. 1.550.000,-/pax   Rp. 1.450.000,-/pax  Rp. 1.940.000,-/pax  Rp. 1.840.000,-/pax
Suite     (4 Pax)  Rp. 1.075.000,-/pax  Rp.   975.000,-/pax  Rp. 1.345.000,-/pax  Rp. 1.245.000,-/pax
Include : Boat Return, Welcome Drink, 3x Meals, Accommodation, Fun With Dolpin, Bicycle, Three Cruiser Island, Banana Boat,Insurance, Tax & Services 21%


From Marina Ancol ( Mon – Sun ) :  10.00 AM

From Island ( Mon – Sun ) :  06.00 PM

Pier / Dermaga : 17

Note :

  • Children 2 years price as Adult / Anak 2 Tahun keatas sudah termasuk harga dewasa.
  • Every departure have to minimum pax / Setiap keberangkatan harus ada minimum orang.
  • Price could be change without prior notice / Harga dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu tanpa pemberitahuan.


Pulau Bidadari Pulau Bidadari Pulau Bidadari bidadari island Pulau Bidadari Pulau Bidadari Pulau Bidadari Pulau Bidadari Pulau Bidadari Pulau Bidadari Pulau Bidadari Pulau Bidadari Pulau Bidadari Pulau Bidadari Pulau Bidadari Pulau Bidadari Pulau Bidadari Pulau Bidadari Bidadari-Island-dolpin Dermaga-Pulau Martello pulau kelor kapal bidadari pantai bidadari pulau kelor pulau bidadari pulau kelor pulau bidadari kapal bidadari pulau bidadariOffice Kapal-Bidadari Berenang Banana-Boat Banana Arena Floating-Cottages Bangau Dolpin Cottages Cabin-Boat Banana-Boat Banana Arena-Bermain Gatering Onrust Onrust-Prasasti P.Onrust



Peta Bidadari



 Facilities on the Island : ( Rental ) Jet ski,Banana Boat,Three Cruiser Island,Cannoe,Donuts Boat,Bicycle